Dear parents of TCKs:

We value to the job you are doing to raise tender-hearted, unique, globe-trotting TCKs in tricky circumstances and we respect the role you have as gate-keepers for your kids.

We believe that today’s TCKs have enough on their plates dealing with social and cultural differences without our adding to the noise. That is why we commit to keeping advertising out of our magazine. We believe our kids are being introduced to marketing and consumerism way too young.

To that end, you also won’t find us being paid to endorse products. Any products or services we do feature in the magazine (e.g. book/music/film reviews) will be our own opinions, not a call to action. They will also pass the following filter questions: Is it good? Is it honest? It is helpful?

This is also a good test to language and content and why any resources we suggest will be language and adult themes free (to the very best of our ability). Please feel free to contact us if you feel we have missed something.

Furthermore, we call your family’s privacy and realise sometimes it is even critical not to disclose where you are and what you do. We commit to being very transparent about what information we would like to use if you contribute to the Continental Kids community (usually first name and country), where it will be used (magazine, website, social media) and how long we will keep the information for and where it will be stored. You may always choose what you disclose.

We seek to be a positive resource, so again, please let us know if you feel we breach these promises.

This is our promise to you.