They grow up in multiple cultures, they deal with the struggles of moving and settling in, they learn new languages, they experience communication faux-pas, say frequent goodbyes to friends and they trundle suitcases like a boss.

Third culture kids deal with these hurdles and adapt in remarkable ways, yet they can often feel like they don’t belong. They can simultaneously feel out of their depth in their passport culture and their host-culture.

Our vision is to see the TCKs in our lives thrive in unusual places. We want them to know that they are amazing. We want to affirm their strengths and celebrate when they conquer the struggles and difficulties that come with living ‘between worlds.’ We want to create a resource for TCKs that emphasises the positive aspects of being a global nomad, and encourages TCKs to share their experiences in community with others.

We hope that you and your children see Continental Kids Magazine as both a resource and a community to help your family to thrive wherever you are in the world.