What do you like to do together with others? Isn’t it great that you’re not alone on this expat adventure?

We are really pleased to release our Issue 2 of Continental Kids. Not only do we have 13 TCK contributors, but we also have an author interview, craft ideas, a recipe and lots of fun ideas of things to do with others. As TCK Jeremias says in Issue 2, “No matter where you go, the only thing you’ll always have is family.”

In Issue 2: Find out what a keeping quilt is, and if a funny Danish word ‘hygge’ has anything to do with hugs. TCK Calista tells us all about symbiotic relationships, we talk to Emily Steele Jackson (author of Home, James) plus you’ll find a recipe for bread and butter pudding, a tricky word search, books that celebrate family and friends

And that doesn’t include our regular features:

Four Kids, Four Countries, Four Questions: We interview from Ben in Cambodia, Poppy in Myanmar, Brielle in USA and Hannah in Papua New Guinea about their favourite things to do together with their families.

Reviews by You: TCKs Liam, Sebastian and Jeremias review two books and a movie.

Proverbs From Around The World: Have your heard these sayings before?

Drawing and Poetry Competition: We announce the winners of our drawing and poetry competition and showcase some of the entrants in the Continental Kids Gallery.

Not to forget our Spotify Playlist and Free Pineapple Printables!

We really hope you enjoy reading Issue 2: Together with your TCKs, unpacking the ideas and establishing a feeling of {TOGETHERNESS} wherever you are in the world.

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