In Issue 3: {Journey} we suggested you try your hand at writing a haiku. Haiku is poem style originating in Japan. It is a short poem just three lines long and does not even need to rhyme. All that is required is that the first and third lines have five syllables, and the second line has seven. Haikus try to capture a feeling or image in a precise way.

We had one TCK respond with their own haiku for the writing competition and we thought it was so great, it deserved its own blog post:

My Gift Ruby

by Amelia, 9, Namibia.

Lying on the couch

Cuddling with my kitty cat

Ouch! She scratched my arm!


Well done, Amelia! I think everyone who has ever cuddled with a cat can identify with that feeling!

You can send us your child’s poems, drawings or stories to: [email protected]