In this issue:

Karyn tells us how to have a happy birthday if you don’t know when you were born, Joanna steps us through making potato-print gift wrap, we celebrate some TCKs doing amazing and daring things in China and South Africa, talk about gift giving traditions around the world, and the six gifts TCKs give to their families and friends

Find out about five animals that give gifts, we review books with a generous heart, and most importantly, we have two recipes to help you decide if gingerbread should be a cookie or a cake!

Plus all our regular features:
4 Kids, 4 Countries, 4 Questions: We talked to Anaya in Eswatini, Lucy in Kenya, Matías in Spain and Jack in Indonesia. What is the best gift they’ve ever received? What are they good at?
Continental Kids Gallery and Story Competition: Find out who were the winners of our {Gift} competition and get your creativity flowing for the theme of our next issue.

Proverbs From Around The World: Find out what different cultures say about gifts and print our favourite for free.

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We really hope you enjoy reading Issue 4: {Gift} with your TCKs, that you enjoy the holiday season and that your TCKs are encouraged to use their gifts and talents wherever you are in the world.