Today we’re interviewing Bek in Mozambique. Want to find out more about how she ended up raising TCKs in Africa and what her family loves about Continental Kids? Keep reading!

Tell us a bit about yourself: I’m Bek – an Australian mother of 5 living in Mozambique. I originally visited Mozambique as a young adult on a short mission trip, during which I felt a connection to the work and saw a place for my gifts. I ended up returning there for two years, during which I became engaged to a friend from my home church. I returned to Australia after the 2 years, got married and we had our first two boys. We moved back to Mozambique 3 years later and have now spent six and half years there as a family, adding a few more kids along the way. I’m a homeschooling, multi tasking, parent of third culture kids. Our eldest son was not yet 2 years old when we moved overseas, so none of them have any memories of living anywhere except Mozambique.

How did you hear about Continental Kids? A colleague in our organisation ‘liked’ a Continental Kids post on social media, which caught my eye, as it was something I’d been looking for and thinking about as a need for our kids. 

How do you or your kids contribute to the magazine? One son has sent in writing they have done on the magazine theme and another has been one of the kids interviewed for 4 Kids, 4 Countries, 4 Questions. They were so very excited to have their work featured in one issue. The kids have told lots of their friends about the magazine so hopefully that’s helped with getting the word out. We also enjoy talking about some of the things posted on social media and sharing them with others. 

Which is your favourite issue so far? I’d have to say ‘Journey’ was our favourite issue because it featured my boys and they were just so delighted to see themselves in print. In all honesty though we’ve enjoyed all the issues and look forward to future ones. 

Why do your kids like reading Continental Kids? The kids love reading the interviews with other kids  – they like looking at their ages and locations and thinking about how their lives might be similiar and different. 
Our 8 year old likes seeing the upcoming theme and thinking about what he might write about.  Mostly though the kids love reading a magazine that is related to their lives – they print it out, then usually sit together looking at the pictures and reading the bits that interest them the most. After this first read through they go back and read the rest, often commenting on bits they find interesting or particularly connected to themselves.

If you think you or your kids would like to contribute to the next issue of Continental Kids magazine, send us an email with your ideas to [email protected]I