Today we’re interviewing Joanna in Tanzania. Want to know more about how she came to be raising TCKs in East Africa and what her family likes about Continental Kids? Keep reading!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to live where you do: I’m a New Zealander living in Tanzania. I first arrived mid 2003 to help teach in the newly established Joshua Teachers Training College. By 2007 I was the Principal. I married Simon from Uganda in January 2011. When our first son was 4, our second son was just five months I discovered that I was pregnant again, I resigned from the Teacher’s College to focus on raising the family and homeschooling. My husband continues to work in the Teacher’s College and other ministry through The Joshua Foundation. 

How did you hear about Continental Kids? I first heard about Continental Kids through a fellow missionary Mum about the same time she added me to the Missio Mum’s Facebook page, where it was also advertised.

How do you or your kids contribute to the mag? As a homeschooling family of TCKs, Continental Kids gives us an opportunity to practise writing. Josiah likes reading the articles and contributing through the competitions. It also gives him a good idea of what other kids his age are producing. We really love having a magazine that is so relevant and accessible. So to make sure that it is sustainable long term, I am committed to helping as we can with articles or other contributions. So far we’ve entered writing and drawing competitions, written a book review and a how to article for the up coming edition. 

Which is your favourite issue so far? Hmm… I suspect it will be Gift about to come out! I really enjoyed Home too. I think Josiah’s favourite was Journey.

What do your kids enjoy most about reading Continental Kids? Josiah loves to read and will pick up anything and read it. It’s good to know he’s reading something of quality with Continental Kids! Saying that, Josiah really likes the pictures! He reads the articles over several different sittings, dipping into an issue again and again. We usually print it for him to read but need to do it on the black and white printer… so he’s asked if next time he can read it on the computer. I like that he’s learning about other parts of the world, kids like him, and seeing what other kids can write and draw. It’s really neat when an issue has a range of contributors from lots of different places. 

If you think you or your kids would like to contribute to the next issue of Continental Kids magazine, send us an email with your ideas to [email protected]I