Well, it’s hard to believe we’re nearly at that time of the year where kids in the Northern Hemisphere are heading back to school after the long summer break. My sister in the US tells me that the Back to School section at Target is like meal time on the African savannah.

“You form some weird solidarity over crayolas and packaged highlighters with the other lost and bewildered parents.

Is it like that in your host-country?

Here in Australia, my kids are in their fourth week at their new school and while I can’t say they’re loving it, they are getting the hang of things.

You probably don’t have this problem, but for those days (generally coinciding with spelling tests) that my progeny have refused to get ready in the morning we’ve been putting on music to help rouse them to action. There’s nothing like Chariots of Fire at 7am to inspire you start your day well. We’ve also tried some fun songs that make it hard not to get those feet on the floor and tapping like Shannon Reel, Can’t Stop the Feeling! and Wonderful Life. Throw in some more chilled songs like Brown Eyed Girl, Banana Boat and Girl Put Your Records On for balance, and hey-presto, we had a Back To School Playlist to get out of bed to!

(We tried out O Fortuna, but if you share any walls with neighbours we advise against it. There’s a limit to opera in the early hours.)

So if you’ve got kids going back to school soon, or you’re a tired mama who need help to get through the last couple of weeks of school holidays, or some pep to start your homeschooling day, click the link below or grab the list of songs from the playlist if you can’t access Spotify in your country.

Then tie those shoelaces, brush that hair, fix that breakfast like a boss. You got this!

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