We are a small team of family and friends of Third Culture Kids passionate about seeing them thrive wherever they are in the world. We hail from East Africa, Spain, Australia and the USA and want to use our skills and talents to encourage our TCKs.

They deal with so much for ones so little: transitions, grief, new languages, culture shock, and a whole lotta change.

We want to highlight the great aspects of being a global nomad, all the while creating an understanding community to reach out to when being a TCK really isn’t fun. It is our hope that as parents, we can provide our kids with a network of TCKs who share similar experiences and in that find consolation and support.

Want to join us? We recognise our readers will benefit from a diverse range of voices and we hope you would like to share yours. If you are passionate about seeing TCKs thrive, and have any creative media skills (photography, writing, illustrating, social media, etc) and some time to invest in third culture kids, we to hear from you. Send us an email:

[email protected]