Issue 1: Home


What is it?

Where is it?

What does it feel like?

And do you and your TCKs agree on where ‘home’ is?

We decided to sink our teeth into this meaty theme for the very reason that it can be confusing. For children who travel a lot, it can evoke many ideas but they won’t always be the same as what their parents think and will almost certainly be different to their friends and family left behind in their passport-country. <— Even just now, its difficult not to write, ‘at home.’

In this issue, we have poems, book and movie reviews, a quiz, interviews, and articles about the natural world. We really hope you enjoy reading Issue 1: Home of Continental Kids with your TCKs, unpacking the ideas and establishing a feeling of {HOME} wherever you are in the world.

From our homes to yours… Enjoy!