Have you read, ‘Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown?

In it, a boy called Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board and for a time is only half an inch thick. Among other things like preventing a museum robbery, and being used as a kite, being very flat means his parents can put him in a giant envelope and  post him to visit his friends on the other side of the country. (You’ll have to read the book to find out if he ever returns to normal thickness.)

Since Flat Stanley was published in 1964, teachers around the world have been using the book as a springboard to geography studies. We (in East Africa) were recently sent a paper Flat Stanley by mail from a little girl in France by way of Japan. She asked that we take some photos with Flat Stanley in our neighbourhood, send them to her by email, then post Flat Stanley on to someone we knew who lived far away.

Would you be interested in seeing how far and wide a Flat Stanley could travel around the Continental Kids community? We have launched our own Flat Stanley out into the world and are gathering photos of his adventures. If you receive Flat Stanley in the mail, follow the instructions in the letter, and send him on to a TCK you know somewhere far from you.

We will post photos here of his latest exploits.